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How to Assemble the Perfect Bridesmaid Look

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Bridesmaid Look

From tacky taffeta to sleek, stunning gowns, bridesmaid fashion has changed considerably in the last few decades. Modern brides dress their best gals in everything from haute couture to vintage pieces. Your bridesmaid look should complement the theme of your wedding, but your bridal party can stand out in its own right as well. Here’s how to create a look that will stun on your big day and wow in photographs.

Come Up with Your Theme

First, think about the theme for your bridesmaids. The theme should, of course, match the tone of your wedding. However, your bridal party can have a theme of their own – for example, old Hollywood or chorus line dancers. Your bridesmaid theme can be as unique as you want to make it. Once you have a theme, you have room to play with the look. Give your girls matching ensembles or vary things with pieces that don’t match, but follow your theme.

Mix and Match

Non-matching bridesmaids are all the rage for modern weddings. The best way to achieve the perfect mix-matched look is to come up with an overarching theme for your bridal party, then select gowns and accessories to match the theme, not match each other. For example, you might want earth tones with wildflowers for a theme. The dresses could span the color wheel from beige to sage yet still match your theme – thus, giving the party a gorgeous, cohesive look without being too matchy.

Pay Attention to Detail

You can achieve a unique look by making each bridesmaid just slightly different. For example, select the same color and type of dress but each with different sleeves and necklines. Make one dress beaded but the other with frills. Give one girl a sparkly headband and the other a crystal necklace. Small touches can make your bridal party stand out without needing to make their looks completely different.

Make it Custom

Nothing says high fashion like bespoke gowns and customized accessories. Give your bridesmaids something to remember your big day by, like clutches with their monograms or heels with a special note written on the bottoms from the bride. Custom touches will make your wedding unique, and can serve as the perfect bridesmaid gifts.


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