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Four Wedding Tosses You’ve Never Heard Of

Four Wedding Tosses You’ve Never Heard Of

The bride and groom’s exit is the close of the wedding book. The newlywed couple looks back to say goodbye to their loved ones, but looks to each other in eager anticipation of the rest of their lives together. In the past, wedding guests resorted to throwing rice as their only option to make this moment festive. Those days are long behind us though, and now brides and grooms use several creative wedding toss exits.

Lavender Paper Cones

Lavender is a well-loved herb. Its gentle scent promotes calm, peace, and love, which the couple will need plenty of in the time to come. Fill paper cones with lavender buds or sprigs, and toss the herb pieces during the exit. This will fill the air with the pleasant scent, leaving the wedding party and guests with a lingering impression. If the bride and groom favor other scents, such as rose or mint, use those instead.

Rainbow Sprinkles

Rainbow sprinkles aren’t just for ice cream. They can give a wedding a colorful, whimsical feel. Sprinkles work great if your wedding already has a candy theme or is reliant on Venetian hour, but a sweet theme isn’t necessary. Consider sprinkles for holiday weddings or themes like fairytale, Disney, or winter.


Instead of tossing something, shower the bride and groom with bubbles. This is a creative, whimsical addition to spring and summer weddings but works for any season. Bubbles are especially appropriate for weddings featuring undersea or beach themes. Many couples pass out miniature bubble jars as wedding favors.

Sky Lanterns

Many wedding themes lend themselves to lanterns, sparklers, and other light-centric exit tosses. At Chinese- or Japanese-themed weddings, people often release colorful paper lanterns for good luck. Sparklers or fireworks make the perfect send-off for a Fourth of July wedding. For a fall or winter wedding, have guests light the way to the getaway car with miniature candles, which you can also use as wedding favors.


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