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How to Plan a Secret Wedding

Is a Secret Wedding Right for You?

Secret, or surprise, weddings are a hot new trend taking over the bridal universe. A secret wedding can make your day even more special and enjoyable, and can eliminate a lot of the stress of traditional wedding planning. Secret weddings focus on the bride and groom, not details like save the dates or seating charts. If you think a surprise wedding is right for you, here are a few tips for planning.

Keep Things Quiet

You can’t have a secret wedding if it’s not a secret! If you’re the type that has to announce your engagement and wedding plans to your friends or on social media, you might not want a secret wedding. To pull this type of wedding off, you have to keep you engagement – or at least your wedding plans – a secret until the last minute. Tell your key players ahead of time, but make sure they know not to let the cat out of the bag until it’s time.

Choose Your Venue

A secret wedding doesn’t have to be a destination wedding (although it can be if you want!). Decide where you want the event to take place, and book your venue as far in advance as possible. For a surprise wedding, you want a location that isn’t too obvious. Throw a “beach party,” for example, or host a backyard function that – surprise! – is actually your wedding.

Take Advantage of Family Gatherings

An easy way to make sure all the right people attend your wedding is to secretly combine it with a preplanned family reunion, holiday, or other event. Everyone you love will already be there, saving you the hassle of sending invites or making up a fake event. Just make sure the host of the preplanned event is okay with your take over, and is in on your plans.

Send the Invites

Your invitations are key components of your secret day. They should be purposely misleading, but still include information that will allow them to dress and act appropriately for your wedding. If you want a formal surprise wedding, for example, send invitations to an upscale “anniversary party.” A more casual wedding could masquerade as a potluck dinner. Get ultra creative like this couple did and throw a costume party!



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